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Ebu'l-Fazl Mehmed b. İdrîs El-Bitlisî'nin Cerîde-i Âsâr ve Harîde-i Ahbâr'ı
by Demir, ÖzlemMarmara Universitesi (Turkey), 2023, 801 pages; 30592892
Am I Who I Say I Am? The Illusion of Choice: Biometric Identification in Healthcare
by Banville, Morgan CatherineEast Carolina University, 2023, 337 pages; 30603350
A Social Innovation Addressing the Silence on Child Sexual Abuse in American Samoa – “Aua Ne’i Pona I Vao, a Ia Liaina I Ala: A Culturally Adapted Intervention for the Samoan Language and Culture to Break the Silence Against Child Sexual Abuse”
by Tuaau, KuiniCalifornia Baptist University, 2023, 90 pages; 30633937
On Wings of Song: Exploring the First-Generation Chinese Art Song Composer Ellinor Valesby (1894–1969)
by Xu, JingUniversity of North Texas, 2023, 99 pages; 30671691
Zeccâc’ın Me‘âni’l-kur’ân ve I‘râbuh Adlı Eserinin Dil ve Gramer Açısından Incelenmesi
by Ekinci, MucahitBursa Uludag University (Turkey), 2023, 230 pages; 30506802
Unveiling the Ancestral Function of a Neuroendocrine Regulator, POU-I/Pit1: Insights From Gene Expression Analysis in the Sea Anemone Nematostella vectensis
by Agostinho Pina da Silva, MiguelUniversity of Arkansas, 2023, 100 pages; 30487146
A Study of Two Piano Works by Claude Debussy and Korean Folk Song Piano Arrangements by Female Korean Composers
by Chung, MideumThe Florida State University, 2023, 65 pages; 30313463
I Dreamed I Left the Door Open
by Hunt, Sarah TheurerTexas Christian University, 2023, 29 pages; 30489438
“I Am Not Going to Hide Who I Am”: How Jewish Girl Activists Navigate Their Relationship to Voice, Visibility, and Representation
by Weiner, Cheryl AnnLesley University, 2023, 502 pages; 30242219
Cançons i danses by Federico Mompou
by Li, ShuningUniversity of Kansas, 2023, 59 pages; 30492596

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