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  Religion and spirituality in the workplace: A quantitative evaluation of job satisfaction and organizational commitment 

Religion and Spirituality in the Workplace: A Quantitative Evaluation of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment
by Dean, Debra J.Regent University, 2017, 120 pages; 10260968
Spirituality in the Workplace: An Empirical Analysis of the Moderator Effect of Demographics on the Relationship among Spirituality, Attitudes, and Behavior at Work
by Heinsohn, DortheLawrence Technological University, 2012, 277 pages; 3502338
A comparison study of Protestants in the workplace: What effect does a Church workplace ministry have on Protestant workers' job satisfaction, organizational citizenship behavior, and organizational commitment within certain faith integration types?
by Walker, MarkRegent University, 2005, 275 pages; 3188233
Servant leadership attributes in senior military officers: A quantitative study examining demographic factors
by Farmer, Shanan WilliamNorthcentral University, 2010, 115 pages; 3393711
The role of Sanctification of Work, Religiosity, and Spirituality as predictors of work -related outcomes for individuals working at religiously affiliated institutions
by Carroll, Stephen T.Loyola College in Maryland, 2008, 175 pages; 3318566
The Role of Organizational Culture in Christian Organizations for Job Satisfaction and Staff Retention with Special Reference to Bharat Susamachar Samiti
by Iype, Kuriakose MadathilAsbury Theological Seminary, 2019, 256 pages; 22589080
A comparative study: Do corporations that embrace spirituality in the workplace encourage desired organizational outcomes?
by Marschke, Eleanor B.Nova Southeastern University, 2008, 106 pages; 3312019
Challenges in the retail environment: Does a spiritually-informed management approach hold the key?
by Murrell-Jones, MatashaUniversity of Phoenix, 2008, 261 pages; 3405505
The relationship of servant leadership attributes to sales performance of salespersons in the healthcare industry in 2011
by Auxier, William R.Andrews University, 2013, 152 pages; 3563464
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Management -by -virtues: A comparative study of spirituality in the workplace and its impact on selected organizational outcomes
by Nur, Yusuf AhmedIndiana University, 2003, 138 pages; 3094142

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