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  Religion and spirituality in the workplace: A quantitative evaluation of job satisfaction and organizational commitment

Religion and Spirituality in the Workplace: A Quantitative Evaluation of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment
by Dean, Debra J.Regent University, 2017, 120 pages; 10260968
A comparison study of Protestants in the workplace: What effect does a Church workplace ministry have on Protestant workers' job satisfaction, organizational citizenship behavior, and organizational commitment within certain faith integration types?
by Walker, MarkRegent University, 2005, 275 pages; 3188233
The role of Sanctification of Work, Religiosity, and Spirituality as predictors of work -related outcomes for individuals working at religiously affiliated institutions
by Carroll, Stephen T.Loyola College in Maryland, 2008, 175 pages; 3318566
The Role of Organizational Culture in Christian Organizations for Job Satisfaction and Staff Retention with Special Reference to Bharat Susamachar Samiti
by Iype, Kuriakose MadathilAsbury Theological Seminary, 2019, 256 pages; 22589080
Challenges in the retail environment: Does a spiritually-informed management approach hold the key?
by Murrell-Jones, MatashaUniversity of Phoenix, 2008, 261 pages; 3405505
Spirituality in Law Enforcement: An Exploration of Possible Correlations of Spirituality to Burnout and Job Satisfaction for Police Officers
by Martin, Richard V.Regent University, 2016, 121 pages; 10151283
Religion, Spirituality, and the Workplace: A Meta-analytic Study on Outcomes of Job Satisfaction, Job Performance, and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors
by Balcazar, JuanSt. Mary's University (Texas), 2020, 138 pages; 27834051
A grounded study on how spirituality in the workplace impacts a person's job satisfaction
by East, Thomas J.Capella University, 2005, 166 pages; 3168180
Evaluation of Ethical Leadership on Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the Food and Beverage Industry
by Varner, Caprice MiquelleNorthcentral University, 2020, 165 pages; 28087559
Spirituality, work conditions, and the job satisfaction of extension studies personnel in Kenya's Christian higher education
by Mbogo, Rosemary WahuBiola University, 2011, 345 pages; 3496431

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