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  Religion and spirituality in the workplace: A quantitative evaluation of job satisfaction and organizational commitment

Religion and Spirituality in the Workplace: A Quantitative Evaluation of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment
by Dean, Debra J.Regent University, 2017, 120 pages; 10260968
A comparison study of Protestants in the workplace: What effect does a Church workplace ministry have on Protestant workers' job satisfaction, organizational citizenship behavior, and organizational commitment within certain faith integration types?
by Walker, MarkRegent University, 2005, 275 pages; 3188233
The role of Sanctification of Work, Religiosity, and Spirituality as predictors of work -related outcomes for individuals working at religiously affiliated institutions
by Carroll, Stephen T.Loyola College in Maryland, 2008, 175 pages; 3318566
Challenges in the retail environment: Does a spiritually-informed management approach hold the key?
by Murrell-Jones, MatashaUniversity of Phoenix, 2008, 261 pages; 3405505
A grounded study on how spirituality in the workplace impacts a person's job satisfaction
by East, Thomas J.Capella University, 2005, 166 pages; 3168180
Religion, Spirituality, and the Workplace: A Meta-analytic Study on Outcomes of Job Satisfaction, Job Performance, and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors
by Balcazar, JuanSt. Mary's University (Texas), 2020, 138 pages; 27834051
Spirituality in Law Enforcement: An Exploration of Possible Correlations of Spirituality to Burnout and Job Satisfaction for Police Officers
by Martin, Richard V.Regent University, 2016, 121 pages; 10151283
Spirituality, work conditions, and the job satisfaction of extension studies personnel in Kenya's Christian higher education
by Mbogo, Rosemary WahuBiola University, 2011, 345 pages; 3496431
Evaluation of Ethical Leadership on Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the Food and Beverage Industry
by Varner, Caprice MiquelleNorthcentral University, 2020, 165 pages; 28087559
Spirituality in the Workplace: An Empirical Analysis of the Moderator Effect of Demographics on the Relationship among Spirituality, Attitudes, and Behavior at Work
by Heinsohn, DortheLawrence Technological University, 2012, 277 pages; 3502338

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