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  Emma Lou Diemer's solo piano works through 2010 : a study of pedagogy and performance in the context of 20th- and 21st-century music making

Emma Lou Diemer's Solo Piano Works Through 2010: A Study of Pedagogy and Performance in the Context of 20th- and 21 st-Century Music Making
by Bang Kim, KristalUniversity of Cincinnati, 2012, 197 pages; 3539886
An Introduction to Contemporary Violin Techniques: A Practical Guide with Exercises for Students and Teachers
by Detwiler, MiaUniversity of North Texas, 2021, 90 pages; 28690947
Disrupting the Current Music Education Paradigm in the Elementary General Music Classroom through Feminist Pedagogies and Critical Participatory Action Research
by Schoppe, LucasBoston University, 2023, 242 pages; 29395010
A Study of Three Pieces for Solo Piano by Youngmin Jin (b. 1959): Tschum für Klavier, From Childhood for Piano, and A Little Talk for Piano with a Recording
by Lee, EunhwaArizona State University, 2022, 86 pages; 29166055
The Solo Piano Collections "Reaching Out" and "Travels Through Sound" by Emma Lou Diemer: Pedagogical Guidelines for Contemporary Techniques for Intermediate-level Students
by Yum, Ji-EunUniversity of North Texas, 2019, 81 pages; 28167796
Organ Influences on Selected French Piano Works from the 1880s to the 1920s
by Xu, MengfeiThe University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2021, 177 pages; 28643657
Understanding Samuel Barber’s Piano Idiom: A Comparative Analysis of the Hermit Songs, Op. 29 and the Sonata for Piano, Op. 26
by Hoeft, CharlesUniversity of Kansas, 2021, 101 pages; 28539796
Little Gems of Brazilian Piano Music: An Annotated Catalog of Inah Machado Sandoval’s Piano Compositions
by do Carmo, Gustavo JoseThe University of Iowa, 2021, 106 pages; 28417873
Making Space for Black Modern Dance: The Music and Dance of Alvin Ailey’s Revelations, the River, and Mary Lou’s Mass
by Terres, Dana R.The Florida State University, 2021, 185 pages; 28773838
Adele aus der Ohe: Pioneering Through Recital Programming at Carnegie Hall, 1895
by Shepard, GraceUniversity of South Carolina, 2022, 126 pages; 28966461

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