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  Emma Lou Diemer's solo piano works through 2010 : a study of pedagogy and performance in the context of 20th- and 21st-century music making

Emma Lou Diemer's Solo Piano Works Through 2010: A Study of Pedagogy and Performance in the Context of 20th- and 21 st-Century Music Making
by Bang Kim, KristalUniversity of Cincinnati, 2012, 197 pages; 3539886
A Study of Three Pieces for Solo Piano by Youngmin Jin (b. 1959): Tschum für Klavier, From Childhood for Piano, and A Little Talk for Piano with a Recording
by Lee, EunhwaArizona State University, 2022, 86 pages; 29166055
Adele aus der Ohe: Pioneering Through Recital Programming at Carnegie Hall, 1895
by Shepard, GraceUniversity of South Carolina, 2022, 126 pages; 28966461
An Introduction to Contemporary Violin Techniques: A Practical Guide with Exercises for Students and Teachers
by Detwiler, MiaUniversity of North Texas, 2021, 90 pages; 28690947
A Comparison of Approaches to Pianoforte Technique in the Treatises of Lhevinne, Leimer, and Neuhaus
by Hehman, Louie S.University of South Carolina, 2022, 109 pages; 28968199
Bongsunhwa Variations for Violin Solo by Young-Jo Lee: A Guide to the Historical Context and Performance of a Work Spanning 78 Years
by Dong, ShinhyeArizona State University, 2022, 64 pages; 29069607
A Model for Comprehensive Musicianship Through (Rehearsal And) Performance in the College Music Curriculum Using Ingolf Dahl’s Sinfonietta
by Eng, Emily MarikoUniversity of Georgia, 2022, 114 pages; 29063422
Thirty Caprices, Op. 107 for Solo Flute by Sigfrid Karg-Elert as Models for Solo Flute Repertoire and Orchestral Excerpts
by Baek, Sulina SeolUniversity of Hartford, 2022, 108 pages; 29169115
When Janos Starker Meets Moshe Feldenkrais – A Study of An Organized Method of String Playing and the Feldenkrais Method®
by Yau, Yee Ting CynthiaThe University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2022, 78 pages; 29210572
Music Composition as Pedagogy: A Qualitative Case Study of Undergraduate Music Students' Experience with Composition
by McElroy, JonathanNew York University, 2022, 466 pages; 28967053

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