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Comparative Sedimentology of Modern and Ancient Oolitic Sand Shoals and Tidal Deltas
by Rush, Jason WindrowUniversity of Kansas, 2022, 337 pages; 29322458
Integrative Approach to Metal Extraction and Electrification
by Rush, Lucas ThorleyMassachusetts Institute of Technology, 2021; 29405530
This publication is not available for sale at this time.
Using Bioimaging Techniques as Muscle Quality Biomarkers for Sarcopenia and Cachexia Diagnosis and Treatment
by Rush, Benjamin E.The University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2022, 172 pages; 29214656
Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions of Co-Teaching Strategies and Effectiveness in Traditional Classrooms
by Rush, EllieMcKendree University, 2022, 112 pages; 29324156
Exploring the Role of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy on the Personal/Professional Career Trajectories of Successful African American Adults: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study
by Rush, SarahThe Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2021, 158 pages; 28715795
Exploring Bracketing and Social Justice in a Constructivist Grounded Theory Study
by Riedy Rush, CassandraThe George Washington University, 2022, 335 pages; 29319090
Effects of Extracurricular Absences on Final Grades and State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness End-of-Course Scores
by Rush, BobbyConcordia University Texas, 2021, 92 pages; 28962739
Regional Habitat Variation for Pygmy Rabbits
by Rush, Lindsey M.University of Idaho, 2021, 66 pages; 28541644
Integrating BIM as a Teaching Tool in Existing Construction Management Curricula: A Case Study
by Rush, Jonathan M. MikeColorado State University, 2021, 147 pages; 28774222
Class Based Bilingual Education, Charter School, and Social Reproduction
by Rush, Yanli LiThe University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2021, 296 pages; 28719763
This publication is not available for sale at this time.

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