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Transformer Models in Natural Language Understanding: Strengths, Weaknesses and Limitations
by Kovaleva, OlgaUniversity of Massachusetts Lowell, 2021, 106 pages; 28653017
Impact of Out-of-Pocket Fees on Under-5 Infant Mortality in Cameroon
by Mafotsing Fopoussi, Amelie OlgaWalden University, 2021, 148 pages; 28718114
Valorización Estratégica de Clínica la Luz: Enfoque de Opciones Reales
by Aquino, Sofia Milagros Arévalo||||||Clavo, Olga Lisoy Diaz||||||Ascate, César Josimar Sevillano||||||Castro, Solange Carolina SoldevillaPontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (Peru), 2021, 106 pages; 28935679
C-C Bond Activation of Strained Ring Systems
by Sokolova, OlgaUniversity of Bristol (United Kingdom), 2021; 28690414
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Data-Intensive Modeling of Forested Ecosystems
by Rumyantseva, Olga AlekseevnaWashington State University, 2021, 199 pages; 28414103
Pressure Capacity of Unrestrained Corroded Pipelines Subjected to Additional Longitudinal Loading
by Fedorova, OlgaUniversity of Alaska Anchorage, 2022, 107 pages; 29255685
Fragmentation, Identity, and Geopolitics in the Caribbean and the Philippines
by Romero Mestas, OlgaThe Florida State University, 2021, 145 pages; 28547773
Reinventar Respostas Sociais para Combater a Solidão dos Mais Velhos: Um Estudo de Caso na Vila de Azambuja
by Sanches, Olga Maria FrancoISCTE - Instituto Universitario de Lisboa (Portugal), 2021, 67 pages; 29010219
Identifying Practices in Organization Culture that Promote Employee Whole Self at Work
by Blouch, Olga JudithThe Pennsylvania State University, 2021, 156 pages; 29049963
Nurturing a Heritage Language: Language-Centered Practices in Mother-Child Interactions in Multilingual Families
by Abreu Fernandes, OlgaUppsala Universitet (Sweden), 2022; 29292419
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