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Cognitive abilities of domestic pigs
by Croney, Candace CelesteThe Pennsylvania State University, 1999, 106 pages; 9960566
The reduction of "clutter" signals (sea echo, rain echo, side-lobe echo and interference) in microwave radar systems.
by Croney, J.London, External, 1966, 1 pages; U291650
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The relationship between student characteristics and symptom etiology among students visiting a student health clinic
by Croney, Amy AnnUtah State University, 1995, 59 pages; 1378221
The structural design of road and airfield pavements using modern analytical techniques
by Croney, P.University of London (United Kingdom), 1975, 1 pages; U411231
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Undergraduate student expectations of role requirements and pedagogic relationships in a business school: a psychological contract approach
by Croney, PamelaUniversity of Northumbria at Newcastle (United Kingdom), 2016; 10589459
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Selection and evolution of pneumococci in response to conjugate vaccines
by Croney, Christina M.The University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2013, 86 pages; 3591611
Administrative issues in planning, implementing and evaluating two-way video distance education systems for K–12 schools
by Croney, Sara LynnThe University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1998, 298 pages; 9826405
Feminist Identity Style and Objectification Theory
by Siegmund, CandaceRoosevelt University, 2016, 74 pages; 10092261
CpG Poor Promoter SULT1C2 Regulated by DNA Methylation and is Induced by Cigarette Smoke Condensate in Lung Cell Lines
by Johnson, Candace Jeanette-SukeyUniversity of Southern California, 2015, 81 pages; 11016023
A comparative analysis of academic performance of students attending early childhood programs compared to students who did not attend an early childhood program
by Ward Cockrell, Candace LeeSam Houston State University, 2015, 147 pages; 10045469

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