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Impact of Exercise on Depression and Anxiety in Adolescents with Complex Trauma Living in Residential Treatment Centers
by Snodgrass, CandaceWalden University, 2022, 137 pages; 28966449
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On the Possession of Truth in Fiction: A.S. Byatt’s Confrontation with the Role of the Author
by Maish, Candace MarieCalifornia State University, Los Angeles, 2021, 35 pages; 28866185
Teacher Perceptions of Technology Integration and the Barriers Impacting the Early Elementary Classroom: A Phenomenological Study
by Walker, Candace L.The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, 2021, 173 pages; 28323093
Monolithically Integrated SRAM-ReRAM Cache-Main Memory System
by Walden, CandaceUniversity of Maryland, College Park, 2021, 225 pages; 28713278
Childhood Obesity Prevention: Infant Nutrition and Feeding Education
by Mecklenburg, Candace Rebekkah TeigenNorth Dakota State University, 2022, 77 pages; 29209558
They Want the Rhythm but Not the Blues: A Mixed Methods Research Study Exploring the Experiences of Black Women Teachers in K-12 Schools in Predominantly White Workspaces
by McCoy, Candace NicoleMiami University, 2021, 119 pages; 28487173
A Descriptive Study of Participant Perceptions of the Factors Contributing to Success or Failure of a Phonics Treatment Program
by Cooper, Candace DuncanGrand Canyon University, 2021, 294 pages; 28263602
Review and Implementation of Common Statistical Methods for Recommender Systems
by McKeag, Candace JenniferUniversity of California, Los Angeles, 2021, 56 pages; 28319347
The Impact of a Global Pandemic on Education
by Carrigan, April M.||||||Jones, Melissa S.||||||Ogilvie, Candace N. Lipscomb University, 2021, 267 pages; 28491609
Contributing Factors to Mammography Screening among African American and Hispanic Women: Quantitative Correlation Study
by Russell, CandaceWalden University, 2022, 114 pages; 29323446

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