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  Author: Maggie MacPherson

Cardiovascular effects of serotonergic agents
by Hood, Stuart Hugh MacphersonUniversity of Glasgow (United Kingdom), 1999, 257 pages; 10391322
Mechanisms involved in the development of contraction-induced injury to single muscle fibres of rats
by Macpherson, Peter Charles DouglasUniversity of Michigan, 1995, 131 pages; 9542899
Genetic and pharmacological investigation of α4-containing GABAA receptors in conditioned behaviours influenced by cocaine
by MacPherson, TomUniversity of Sussex (United Kingdom), 2014, 1 pages; U618523
This publication is not available for sale at this time.
Evolutionary genomic studies of adaptation and demography
by Macpherson, John MichaelStanford University, 2007, 169 pages; 3281896
New to me or new to you? Determining objects of interest on the basis of novelty in the second year of life
by MacPherson, Amy ChristineDalhousie University (Canada), 2006, 114 pages; NR16726
Biosynthesis of polyketides produced by marine microbes
by Macpherson, Gordon ReidDalhousie University (Canada), 2002, 161 pages; NQ66668
A path of learning: Indo -Tibetan Buddhism as education
by MacPherson, Sonia (Seonaigh)The University of British Columbia (Canada), 2000, 331 pages; NQ48656
The relationship among content knowledge, technical experience, cognitive styles, critical thinking skills, problem-solving styles, and near-transfer trouble shooting technological problem-solving skills of maintenance technicians
by MacPherson, Randall TheodoreUniversity of Missouri - Columbia, 1997, 246 pages; 9841170
Labour and childbirth: an investigation of expectations, experience and the relationship between the two
by MacPherson, S.A.The University of Manchester (United Kingdom), 1988, 1 pages; U010330
This publication is not available for sale at this time.
Studies on the microbiology of early enamel demineralisation
by MacPherson, L.M.D.University of Glasgow (United Kingdom), 1988, 1 pages; U016478
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