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  Author: Fisher
Title: Rural Development and Migration in Bangladesh

Development of a Novel Immunoassay for Detection of Antidrug Antibodies to a Gene Therapy Drug CR2-CR1 in Nonhuman Primates Using MSD Bridging Format
by Fisher, HilaryHood College, 2024, 42 pages; 30813208
Women in Ordained Leadership Roles in the Church: Is God Calling Women into His Service?
by Fisher, Maria A.Regent University, 2023, 67 pages; 30689329
Is There a Difference in Christian School Faculty’s Engagement in Biblical Worldview Shaping Activities Based on Their Biblical Worldview Development?
by Fisher, William R.Columbia International University, 2023, 183 pages; 30417340
Fundamental Electron Transfer Dynamics in Donor-Acceptor Compounds: One-, Two-, and Four- Pathway Systems
by Fisher, JeremyNorthwestern University, 2023, 216 pages; 30632645
Localization for the Random XXZ Spin-J Chain and Embedded Eigenvalues in Defective Periodic Quantum Graphs
by Fisher, LeeUniversity of California, Irvine, 2023, 158 pages; 30311100
A Prevention Model Embedding Mental and Behavioral Health in the Multi-Tier System of Support Framework
by Fisher, Beth Kawaipiolani KaaukaiSan Diego State University, 2023, 170 pages; 30819838
Teachers’ Perceptions of Student Performance on the Advanced Placement English Language and Composition Exam in Department of Defense Schools
by Fisher, Tracee NicholeWalden University, 2023, 175 pages; 30423616
Why Are so Many Individuals With Bulimia Nervosa Low in Weight Suppression?
by Fisher, Sarah MarieDrexel University, 2023, 79 pages; 30524437
Considering Dispositional Hope and Race in College Student Demonstrative Activist Engagement: An Exploratory Quantcrit Analysis
by Fisher, Loren Elizabeth DurakoNorth Carolina State University, 2023, 367 pages; 30563883
Healthiness of Household Food Expenditure in Urban and Peri-Urban Kenya: How Much Is Explained by a Spatial Measure of the Food Environment
by Fisher, IanMichigan State University, 2023, 86 pages; 30633439

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