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  Author: Engstrom, Eric John

Carl W. Blegen and Homeric Troy: Prolegomenon to a Critical Historiographical Study of the University of Cincinnati Troy Expedition (1932-1938)
by Engstrom, Jacob M.University of Cincinnati, 2023, 302 pages; 30557212
The Missing Pieces of European Armaments Cooperation: The EU's PESCO and EDF
by Schichlein, EricThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2023, 167 pages; 30572301
Bridging the Gap: An Ecological and Morphological Analysis on the California Margin Expanding Spore Into the Infaunal Realm
by Anderson, EricOklahoma State University, 2023, 90 pages; 30427015
Essays in Macroeconomics and Heterogeneity
by Huang, EricUniversity of Pennsylvania, 2023, 113 pages; 30424821
Model Checking and Gas Optimization of Move Smart Contracts, and Transaction Order Dependency Detection and Rectification
by Keilty, EricUniversity of Toronto (Canada), 2023, 71 pages; 30686811
Flight Dynamics of a Coaxial Helicopter Hovering on Mars
by Greenbaum, EricUniversity of Maryland, College Park, 2023, 116 pages; 30491648
Osculating Spaces of Minimal Surfaces in Euclidean Space
by Carmody, EricUniversity of California, Irvine, 2023, 89 pages; 30524457
Evaluation of Different Classification Methods for Classifying Stars Based on the Harvard Stellar Classification System
by Sullivan, EricUtica University, 2023, 50 pages; 30486959
Time and Chance Happen to Them All: A Macroevolutionary Examination of the Effects of Whole Genome Multiplications
by Hagen, Eric RobertUniversity of Arkansas, 2023, 132 pages; 30575416
Groundwater Age and Flux Using Natural and Artificial Tracers in the Nebraska Sand Hills and Great Basin National Park
by Humphrey, Christopher EricThe University of Utah, 2023, 127 pages; 30317289

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