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  Author: Engstrom, Eric John

Carl W. Blegen and Homeric Troy: Prolegomenon to a Critical Historiographical Study of the University of Cincinnati Troy Expedition (1932-1938)
by Engstrom, Jacob M.University of Cincinnati, 2023, 302 pages; 30557212
The Influence of Urban Economies on Socioeconomic Well-being Along the Rural-Urban Continuum
by Swanson, Eric Charles GertschThe Ohio State University, 2023, 244 pages; 30725583
A Demographic Profile of the Schools and Communities Represented in the Alabama High School All-State Band (1986—2019)
by Perry, William EricThe University of Alabama, 2023, 86 pages; 30567634
Leveraging Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) to Understand Performance Deviations in Load Tests of Large Software Systems
by Shoemaker, EricMarshall University, 2023, 85 pages; 30489623
Derived Structures in the Duality of Automorphic Periods
by Chen, Eric Y.Princeton University, 2023, 90 pages; 30489351
Rhetorics of Iconography: Examining Meaning-Making in Society and the Classroom
by Smothers, Eric C.Miami University, 2023, 131 pages; 30483048
Cation-Coupled Electron Transfer to Polyoxovanadate-Alkoxide Clusters: Atomically Precise Descriptors for Energy Storage and Conversion Processes
by Schreiber, EricUniversity of Rochester, 2023, 311 pages; 30527444
The Lame Wing: Enlightenment Philosophy and Theology
by Bain, EricAve Maria University, 2023, 45 pages; 30485234
A Comprehensive Model of Group Engagement With Technology
by Curley, EricKent State University, 2023, 167 pages; 30723853
The Cutting Winds: An Examination
by Berry, EricMills College, 2023, 44 pages; 30423685

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