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  Author: Carl Leban

Justice, punishment, and docile bodies: Michel Foucault and the fiction of Franz Kafka
by Curtis, CarlThe Florida State University, 2010, 188 pages; 3415217
The effects of work-related and boundary-related stress on the emotional and physical health status of ordained clergy
by Wells, Carl R.University of South Carolina, 2010, 129 pages; 3402848
Ice age wetland biogeochemistry: the influence of carbon dioxide starvation on wetland methane emissions
by Boardman, CarlOpen University (United Kingdom), 2010, 1 pages; U558687
This publication is not available for sale at this time.
Quality of service provisioning through resource allocaiton and data aggregation in wireless sensor networks
by Larsen, Carl VictorMissouri University of Science and Technology, 2009, 156 pages; 3462715
Information theoretical modeling of complex communication network usage patterns
by Thompson, Stanley CarlThe University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2009, 123 pages; 3356318
Perioperative komplikationen bei kryochirurgischen eingriffen
by Meschede, Carl PeterUniversitaet zu Koeln (Germany), 2009; 10652230
This publication is not available for sale at this time.
Minority preferences and disease types for non-emergent emergency department usage in a CHIP population
by Tapia, CarlThe University of Texas School of Public Health, 2008, 47 pages; 1454488
The effects of post -secondary education on state troopers' job performance, stress levels, and authoritarian attitudes
by Lafata, Carl J.Western Michigan University, 2007, 134 pages; 3258644
Fulfilling the national destiny at all costs: Manifest Destiny, Lebensraum, and the quest for space
by Jones, James CarlThe University of Texas at Dallas, 2007, 83 pages; 1448830
Assessment of knee extensor mechanism function and the manipulation of that function
by Herrington, Lee CarlUniversity of Salford (United Kingdom), 2007, 1 pages; U496275
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