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  Author: Carl Leban

Room 41, Pictures From
by Todd, Matthew CarlUniversity of Toronto (Canada), 2023, 85 pages; 30417406
Evagrius of Pontus and Scripture: Philosophical Interpretation in the Scholia Collections
by Vennerstrom, CarlThe Catholic University of America, 2023, 270 pages; 30000210
Qualitative Assessment of CBCT Image Interpretation Preference: The Effect of Common Dental Materials on Human Cadaver Imaging
by Rex, Carl WilliamSaint Louis University, 2023, 94 pages; 30526915
The Role of Military Chaplains and Effective Spiritual Care for Strengthening Military Marriages during Deployments
by Johnson, CarlLiberty University, 2023, 133 pages; 30311098
Einfluss neuer bildgebender Biomarker für Kollateralen auf die frühe Ödemprogression bei Patienten mit akutem ischämischem Schlaganfall im Rahmen eines großen Gefäßverschlusses der vorderen Zirkulation
by Krämer, Michel CarlUniversitaet Hamburg (Germany), 2023, 64 pages; 30683713
The Quest for Cultural Sensitivity – How Cultural Sensitivity Can Be Practised While Mitigating Othering in Swedish Eldercare
by Johansson, CarlMalardalen University (Sweden), 2023, 89 pages; 30663583
Essays in Macroeconomic Aspects of Short-Time Work and Innovation
by Hallmann, CarlNorthwestern University, 2023, 224 pages; 30425608
Mucosal Viruses and Where to Find Them: Novel Insights into the Interactions of HsSV-2 and SARS-CoV-2 with the Host Immune System
by Pierce, Carl Albert, Jr.Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 2024, 259 pages; 29996806
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Higher Education: An Examination of the Lived Experiences of African American Board of Trustees Within Community Colleges
by Smalls, Carl BernardKansas State University, 2023, 188 pages; 30528589
Spray Strategies and Selection for Fungicide Resistance: Fenhexamid Resistance in Botrytis Cinerea as a Case Study
by Boushell, Stephen CarlUniversity of Maryland, College Park, 2023, 74 pages; 30246702

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