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  Author: Bassford, Christopher

Understanding Environmental Justice Instruction in Higher Education: Activist Epistemic Orientations and a Continuum of Community Engaged Curricular and Pedagogical Practice
by Rabe, Christopher JamesUniversity of Massachusetts Boston, 2022, 293 pages; 29162138
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The Pediatric Urology Fellowship Experience with the Surgical Ability Milestones
by Jaeger, ChristopherHarvard Medical School, 2022, 108 pages; 29207754
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Improving In Silico Scientific Reproducibility with Provenance Replay Software
by Keefe, Christopher R.Northern Arizona University, 2022, 131 pages; 29169512
Deep Learning for the Design and Characterization of Nanophotonic Materials and Structures
by Yeung, ChristopherUniversity of California, Los Angeles, 2022, 171 pages; 29213800
Shift Work: The Difference Is Night and Day. Do Fewer Rotations Between Day and Night Shift Reduce Sick Time and Improve Performance in Police Officers?
by Madia, Christopher T.Harvard University, 2022, 93 pages; 29163439
Rounding the Cultural Bases: A Qualitative Analysis of the Acculturation Experiences of Latin American-Born Minor League Baseball (MiLb) Players
by Gentile, Patrick ChristopherThe University of Alabama, 2022, 168 pages; 28969688
Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis of a Very Low Earth Orbit Cubesat Mission
by Borowicz, Robb ChristopherOld Dominion University, 2022, 109 pages; 29206451
The Effects of Ecological Simulation for Ground Vehicle Mobility Forecasting
by Hudson, Christopher R.Mississippi State University, 2022, 151 pages; 29067652
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Identifying Genetic Differences among African American and Caucasian Triple Negative Breast Cancer Genotypes
by Dixon, Christopher JordanTexas Southern University, 2022, 63 pages; 29067488
Systems Biology of Allosteric GTPase Mutations
by Mathy, ChristopherUniversity of California, San Francisco, 2022, 215 pages; 29210360

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