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  Author: Angela M. Kraemer-Holland

The Benefits and Limitations of Non-Invasive Ventilation in the Management of COPD Patients at Home and During Acute Exacerbation of COPD in the Hospital Setting
by Osorio G., Andres M.University of Bridgeport, 2023, 142 pages; 29397204
Maturation of Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Alveolar Type II Cells at Air-Liquid Interface and Response to Environmental Stimuli
by Abo, Kristine M.Boston University, 2023, 125 pages; 28544205
The Self-Health Movement: Changing for Good Health
by Saad, Julian M.University of Rhode Island, 2023, 346 pages; 29065665
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A Woman for Our Times: How Marriage and Motherhood Shaped Cornelia Connelly’s Religious Life
by Gallen, Susan M.La Salle University, 2023, 199 pages; 29393450
Mindfulness and Psychological Stress in Black Male Caregivers
by Kim, Alyssa M.Yale University, 2023, 29 pages; 29168834
The Impact of the Tobacco-Free Policy on the AUC New Cairo Campus
by Badawy, Fatimah M.The American University in Cairo (Egypt), 2023, 91 pages; 30260142
Improving Depot Repair Lead Time Using Lean Six Sigma
by Richmond, Ann M.The George Washington University, 2023, 126 pages; 29399810
Internal Resources and Contextual Factors Predicting Courses of Posttraumatic Growth over Time in Survivors of Hurricane Katrina
by Preston, Justin M.University of Massachusetts Boston, 2023, 99 pages; 29319600
The Impact of Pre-Military Therapy on Post-Military Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Severity in Veterans with Adverse Childhood Experiences
by Lawson, Cassandra M. C.Azusa Pacific University, 2023, 60 pages; 28771599
Interpreting the Maya Ideoscape Through Monumental Reuse and Spoliation
by Yost, Scott M.Northern Arizona University, 2023, 178 pages; 29170666

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