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  Author: Angela M. Kraemer-Holland

Framing Teaching in Retrospect: A Qualitative Study of Educational Philosophies and Teacher Socialization through the Teach for America Experience
by Kraemer-Holland, Angela M.DePaul University, 2019, 258 pages; 13884510
The availability, use, and participation of multiple informants in the assessment of child and adolescent psychopathology in research and practice
by Dedmon, Angela M. M.Texas Tech University, 1999, 111 pages; 9940306
The effects of an eleven-week therapeutic riding program on motor skills as measured by the Bruininks-Oseretsky Test of Motor Proficiency
by Cripe, Angela Mary||||||Schmid, Angela AnnGrand Valley State University, 1996, 76 pages; 1378514
Success factors in building online executive development programs in three universities: A collective case study
by Stopper, Angela L.M.The Pennsylvania State University, 2013, 148 pages; 3710011
Regulation of hormone responsive cancers by Ca2+/calmodulindependent protein kinase kinase 2
by Gocher, Angela M.State University of New York at Buffalo, 2013, 57 pages; 1540739
Uncovering Tomorrow
by Douglas, Angela M.University of Houston-Clear Lake, 2009, 237 pages; 1466225
Early tourism in the Pacific Northwest: 1890 to 1940
by Brown, Angela M.California State University, Dominguez Hills, 2009, 158 pages; 1481386
Nitrogen-specific gas chromatographic detection by atomic plasma spectral emission. Analytical gas chromatography-mass spectrometry studies of subsurface biomarkers
by Gonzalez, Angela M.University of Massachusetts Amherst, 1999, 212 pages; 9932315
Aspects of the biology of some marine ascaridoid nematodes
by Jones, Angela M.University of Stirling (United Kingdom), 1994, 1 pages; U070562
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Frank bridge: the string quartets
by Edwards, Angela M.University of Sheffield (United Kingdom), 1992, 1 pages; U049875
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