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  Author: mary ann buckles

Critical Consciousness and Whole-Person Health of Public Health Nurses
by Pirsch, Ann MarieUniversity of Minnesota, 2023, 116 pages; 30524737
Conflicts and Common Ground Between Density, Affordability, and Historic Preservation in the Wallingford-Meridian Streetcar Historic District Case Study
by Hevly, Charlotte AnnUniversity of Washington, 2023, 157 pages; 30527492
How Elementary School Principals Balance Their Workload
by McCabe, Cynthia AnnWalden University, 2023, 121 pages; 30525537
How Millennial Nurses Describe the Influences of Job Embeddedness on Intent to Stay
by Diosdado, Lisa AnnGrand Canyon University, 2023, 248 pages; 30418098
Abiotic Factors and Biotic Interactions Associated with Disease Development in Cotton Seedlings Caused by<em> Rhizoctonia solani</em> and <em>Fusarium oxysporum</em> F. Sp. <em>Vasinfectum</em> Race 4
by Maddox, Ann MarieCalifornia State University, Fresno, 2023, 73 pages; 30419209
The Medication Experience of African-American Women Living With Kidney-Related Diseases: A Phenomenological Inquiry
by Ann Hillman, LisaUniversity of Minnesota, 2023, 258 pages; 30573362
Utilizing Community Health Workers to Lead Diabetes Education in Underserved Communities: A Pilot Program
by Fields Dowdell, Elizabeth AnnShepherd University, 2023, 46 pages; 30570513
Mindful Leadership: A Study of Leader Receptiveness to Mindfulness Practice in the Workplace
by Mackowski, Lori AnnNorth Carolina State University, 2023, 135 pages; 30516344
Increasing First-Generation Students’ Access to High-Impact Practices
by Cruz Paul, Theresa AnnWestern Carolina University, 2023, 91 pages; 28769524
Investigating the Practices of Neurodivergent Female Designers: A Design Research Study
by Bosworth, Allison AnnKent State University, 2023, 110 pages; 30540608

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