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  Author: mary ann buckles

Adaptation and Art: An Examination of the Costume Design Process in a Global Pandemic
by Little, Kyla AnnUniversity of South Carolina, 2023, 110 pages; 30309704
Visualization and Modeling of Multivariate Data in Environmental Applications
by Kleffner, Alison AnnThe University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 2023, 187 pages; 30569075
Examining the Socio-Environmental Influences on Aging Among Bonacca Cay’s Island Community of Guanaja, Honduras: A Focused Ethnography
by Ferguson, Lee Ann SteffenConcordia University Chicago, 2023, 171 pages; 30523639
An Analysis of White-Collar Crime in Fort Bend County, Texas
by Higgins, Glenda AnnTexas Southern University, 2023, 122 pages; 30248666
Dna Sequence Context and the Chromatin Landscape Differentiate Sequence-Specific Transcription Factor Binding in the Human Malaria Parasite Plasmodium Falciparum
by Bonnell, Victoria AnnThe Pennsylvania State University, 2023, 248 pages; 30551165
Trace Elements in Lake Catchments Surrounding Iqaluit, Baffin Island, NU
by Brown, Rachel AnnTrent University (Canada), 2023, 147 pages; 30525004
The Genetic Basis of the Interaction Between Magnaporthe oryzae and Bacillus velezensis Strain S4
by Mauriello, Megan AnnUniversity of Delaware, 2023, 140 pages; 30425100
The Invisibilisation of African Canadian Histories in Public Memory: The Heritage Designation of 221-223 King Street East & the Black Absented Presence of Joseph Gutches in Kingston, Ontario, Canada
by Hinds-Hueglin, Elizabeth AnnQueen's University (Canada), 2023, 157 pages; 30402960
Real Effects of Mandatory Disclosure of Proprietary Information
by Lee, MaryThe University of Utah, 2023, 72 pages; 30423747
Health Adaptive Capacity: Methods for Developing Indicators of Countries’ Health Preparedness to Climate Change
by Green, Carole MaryUniversity of Washington, 2023, 37 pages; 30527446

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