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Archive, Performance, and the Lesbian Canon: Directing The Children’s Hour by Lillian Hellman
by Kreitman, AnnThe University of Iowa, 2023, 117 pages; 30424670
Off-Nominal Rover Driving: Terrain Manipulation and Degraded Mobility Compensation
by Pavlov, Catherine AnnCarnegie Mellon University, 2023, 147 pages; 30250547
The Relationship Between Management Support and Employee Satisfaction Amongst Registered Nurses
by Okoth, Stacey-AnnGrand Canyon University, 2023, 145 pages; 30569690
“Abiding”: A Biblical Critique of Andrew Murray’s Theology and Writings on Prayer
by Carson, Lei Ann SparkmanThe Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 2023, 137 pages; 30417461
The Profitability of Our Survival Tactics: The Commodification of African American Women’s Online Communities
by McGee, Jenean Ann RinnettaUniversity of Colorado at Boulder, 2023, 168 pages; 30526159
Evaluating Clinical Educational Learning Outcomes for a Changing Field: Utilizing a 2:1 Collaborative Learning Model in an Acute Care Setting for First Semester Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Students
by Ferraro, Lori-AnnCoastal Carolina University, 2023, 266 pages; 30485376
Elucidating and Exploiting the Mitochondrial Electron Transport Chain of Apicomplexan Parasites
by Hayward, Jenni AnnThe Australian National University (Australia), 2023, 509 pages; 30514759
Graduate Student Online Orientation for a Great Start: A Qualitative Single Intrinsic Case Study
by Young, Chelsea AnnNorthcentral University, 2023, 134 pages; 30423095
Counselor’s Experience of the Therapeutic Alliance in Telehealth: A Generic Qualitative Study
by Eicher, Phyllis AnnCapella University, 2023, 238 pages; 30492217
Community College Faculty Perceptions of Open Educational Resources
by Leavitt, Heather AnnThe University of North Dakota, 2023, 87 pages; 30572671

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