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  Author: candace croney

Temperament and Aggression: Examining the Link Between a Shy and Inhibited Temperament and Reactive and Proactive Aggression
by Croney, Samantha L.Illinois State University, 2020, 56 pages; 27835624
The Predictors of Fear of Crime on a College Campus among Minority College Women: A Study from a Historically Black University
by Strickland, Candace MerrittNorth Carolina Central University, 2020, 80 pages; 27838228
Examination of Dietary Patterns in High School Athletes with Respect to Weight Change Goals
by Garner, Candace WollertUniversity of Wyoming, 2016, 81 pages; 10192724
Exploring visual prevention: Developing infographics as effective Cervical Cancer prevention for African American women
by Parrish, Candace PatriceVirginia Commonwealth University, 2016, 208 pages; 10151402
A Phenomenological Investigation of the Reporting Experience for Female Survivors of Sexual Assault on College Campuses
by Park, Candace NicholeUniversity of New Orleans, 2015, 194 pages; 3710744
Potential role of methane-derived carbon as a food source for <i>Daphnia</i> in a North Carolina reservoir
by Berkeley, Candace L.The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2010, 58 pages; 1476211
Exploring the reading motivation of students from a public school serving only American Indian students: A mixed methods study
by Head-Dylla, CandaceThe Pennsylvania State University, 2010, 322 pages; 3576766
One-dimensional nanostructured materials for lithium-ion battery and supercapacitor electrodes
by Chan, Candace KayStanford University, 2009, 229 pages; 3382700
Split-ticket voting: An analysis of the 1980, 1984, and 1988 elections
by Gunnarsson, Candace L.Florida Atlantic University, 1992, 88 pages; 1347600
Total factor productivity in the U.S. and Japanese motor vehicle industries: A firm level comparison, 1960-1985
by Howes, CandaceUniversity of California, Berkeley, 1991, 174 pages; 9228687

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