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  Author: candace croney

Contributing Factors to Mammography Screening among African American and Hispanic Women: Quantitative Correlation Study
by Russell, CandaceWalden University, 2022, 114 pages; 29323446
At-Risk High School Graduates and Their Post-graduation Experiences: A Phenomenological Study
by Pohl, Candace M.Sam Houston State University, 2022, 172 pages; 29605450
Role of Dietary Interventions in Reducing the Negative Impact of Stressful Events in the Pig
by Young, CandacePurdue University, 2022, 99 pages; 30506095
Probability Distributions of the Scalar Potential
by Mathews, CandaceState University of New York at Albany, 2022, 81 pages; 29997263
The Relationship between Middle School College and Career Experiences and High School On-Track Indicators
by Villanueva, CandaceUniversity of Kansas, 2022, 122 pages; 29163583
Cognitive abilities of domestic pigs
by Croney, Candace CelesteThe Pennsylvania State University, 1999, 106 pages; 9960566
The Interfacial Contribution to the Modulation of Electron Transfer Reaction in Porphyrin: Protein Model Complexes
by Croney, John C.University of Hawai'i at Manoa, 1999, 104 pages; 28726587
Administrative issues in planning, implementing and evaluating two-way video distance education systems for K–12 schools
by Croney, Sara LynnThe University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1998, 298 pages; 9826405
Undergraduate Student Expectations of Role Requirements and Pedagogic Relationships in a Business School: a Psychological Contract Approach
by Croney, PamelaUniversity of Northumbria at Newcastle (United Kingdom), 2016, 304 pages; 10589459
Selection and evolution of pneumococci in response to conjugate vaccines
by Croney, Christina M.The University of Alabama at Birmingham, 2013, 86 pages; 3591611

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