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  Author: Engstrom, Eric John

Turning a Maze into a Labyrinth: Hurry Sickness, Technology, and the Creative Process
by Ding, EricNew York University Tandon School of Engineering, 2023, 67 pages; 30486550
Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Correlated Disordered Systems Under Interaction Quenches
by Dohner, EricState University of New York at Albany, 2023, 86 pages; 30485695
Identifying and Classifying the Hip-Spine Syndrome: A Scoping Review
by Reynolds, Edward||||||Hughes, EricFranciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University, 2023, 51 pages; 30000620
Forging a New Ferndale: Enhancing School Climate for School Improvement
by Williams, Eric AllenUniversity of Georgia, 2023, 125 pages; 30315857
Examining a Quantitative Correlational Study in Filling the Cybersecurity Professional Workforce Shortage Using Digital Transformation
by Williams, Eric K., Sr.Northcentral University, 2023, 159 pages; 30574718
The Section 129(1)(a) Notice in Terms of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 and the Constitution
by Madumo, Kagisho Eric LetlhogonoloUniversity of Pretoria (South Africa), 2023, 48 pages; 30697647
Initial-Final Mass Relation of Massive White Dwarfs in the Open Cluster Messier 11
by Burns, EricTexas A&M University - Commerce, 2023, 46 pages; 30572446
Isovolemic Hemodilution: Sparring the Blood Bank and Saving Patients Undergoing Heart Surgery
by Heard, Emily||||||Warren, EricFranciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University, 2023, 42 pages; 30531293
Ready to Work When Your Life Is on the Line: The Role of Death Anxiety and Responsibility
by Rant, Eric A.St. Ambrose University, 2023, 69 pages; 30523799
Hello Nothingness
by Stiefel, Eric C.Ohio University, 2023, 139 pages; 30671393

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