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  Author: Engstrom, Eric John

Preaching Missionary Discipleship: A Homiletic Response to Declining Participation at Risen Christ Catholic Church in Denver and the Catholic Church of the United States of America
by Zegeer, Eric DavidAquinas Institute of Theology, 2022, 215 pages; 28968176
Research to Advance Our Understanding of Off-Target Dicamba Movement in United States Agriculture
by Oseland, Eric GregoryUniversity of Missouri - Columbia, 2021, 133 pages; 28493235
"Let No Irreverent Hand Change It": The Interpretation of Slavery at George Washington's Mount Vernon, 1853 to Present
by Burroughs, EricUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2021, 104 pages; 28712697
Computational Analysis of Type 3 Iodothyronine Deiodinase: Potential Inhibitors, Substrate Binding, and Dimer Structure
by Marsan, Eric ScottOld Dominion University, 2021, 138 pages; 28719310
Net Energy Metrics Reveal Striking Disparities across United States Households
by Scheier, Eric SamuelThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2021, 34 pages; 28649954
Essays on Social Influences in Public Economics
by Holz, Justin EricThe University of Chicago, 2021, 172 pages; 28540181
My So-Called Restaurant: A Novel in Stories
by Williams, EricIowa State University, 2021, 251 pages; 28419469
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Predicting Healthcare Expenditure: Perspectives from Statistical Learning and Machine Learning
by Odoom, EricSoutheast Missouri State University, 2021, 94 pages; 28492114
Predictors of Epi Procolon Utilization
by Lamy, EricUniversity of Rhode Island, 2022, 64 pages; 29261599
Integrative Computational Immunology: from Molecules to Mortality
by Wilson, Eric AndrewArizona State University, 2022, 135 pages; 29261314

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