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  Author: Engstrom, Eric John

Alec Wilder's Sonata for Bass Trombone: An Arrangement for Chamber Winds and Rhythm Section
by Hagan, John RobertThe University of Memphis, 2022, 142 pages; 29063735
Emotional Intelligence during a Punctuated Equilibrium
by Kapuza, Eric R.Southeastern University, 2022, 88 pages; 29208486
Roll Call: The Relationship Between Absenteeism and Student Achievement in a Small Suburban Northern California School District
by Tarallo, EricCreighton University, 2022, 117 pages; 29209022
Efficient and Robust Admm Methods for Dynamics and Geometry Optimization
by Brown, George EricUniversity of Minnesota, 2022, 152 pages; 28966270
The Impact of Cannabis and Alcohol Use on the Management of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
by Sellner, Joshua EricUniversity of South Carolina, 2022, 139 pages; 28968926
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Impact of Comorbidities on Lung Cancer Screening Evaluation
by Robinson, Eric M.Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, 2022, 30 pages; 29213528
Principled Analysis of High-Dimensional Data: How to Identify Signals while Under the Curse of Dimensionality
by Johnson, Eric MitchellNorthwestern University, 2022, 224 pages; 29161165
Examining the Role of Resilience and Grit on the Functioning of Youth with Chronic Medical Conditions
by Riklin, EricFordham University, 2022, 213 pages; 28963673
Compromised Metabolic Function and Dysregulated Induction of Type 1 Interferon Promote Susceptibility in a Model for Tuberculosis Infection
by Brownhill, Eric JamesBoston University, 2022, 183 pages; 28148811
Preaching Missionary Discipleship: A Homiletic Response to Declining Participation at Risen Christ Catholic Church in Denver and the Catholic Church of the United States of America
by Zegeer, Eric DavidAquinas Institute of Theology, 2022, 215 pages; 28968176

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