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  Author: Engstrom, Eric John

Context Sensitive Civic Duty: an Experimental Study of How Corruption Affects Both a Duty to Vote and a Duty to Abstain
by Engström, SimonUppsala Universitet (Sweden), 2022; 29073864
This publication is not available for sale at this time.
Family formation in two-mother families: Experiences of parental support in antenatal and child health care in Sweden
by Appelgren Engström, HeléneMalardalen University (Sweden), 2021, 76 pages; 29463410
Dynamic Capabilities Facilitating Sustainability-Oriented Innovation: Insights from a Single Case Study of a Swedish Greenhouse Farming Firm
by Engström, AugustUppsala Universitet (Sweden), 2021; 28819549
This publication is not available for sale at this time.
Gay Male K-12 School Leaders’ Self-Sabotaging Behaviors and Their Journey to Reclaiming Their Power: An Explanatory Mixed Methods Study
by McCarthy, John EricUniversity of Massachusetts Global, 2022, 280 pages; 29395794
Conceptions of Service Provider Preparedness
by Engstrom, AaronWalden University, 2022, 181 pages; 28962971
Lydia’s Urn: Exploring Trauma, Non-Binary Identity, and Plural Subjectivity via Metamodern Gaming, A Creative Dissertation
by Pitman, Eric J.Illinois State University, 2022, 255 pages; 29258789
This publication is not available for sale at this time.
Generalization of Metallurgical and Mechanical Models for Integrated Simulation of Automotive Lap Joining
by Brizes, EricThe Ohio State University, 2022, 213 pages; 30004420
Defending the Dharma: Buddhist Apologetics and Print Culture in Early Modern Japan
by Tojimbara, Yue EricUniversity of California, Los Angeles, 2022, 257 pages; 29215097
Electroreduction of Aryl Halides through Homo- and Heterogeneous Electron-Transfer Catalysis
by McKenzie, EricIndiana University, 2022, 286 pages; 29327610
Exploration of the Influence of Principals' Soft Skills on Student Achievement
by Evangelista, Eric Deleon GuerreroCity University of Seattle, 2022, 128 pages; 29214889

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