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  Author: Carl Leban

Automating the tuning and matching process of a sixteen-channel transmit-only TEM array with a thirty-two-channel receive-only loop array for body imaging applications at 7T
by Snyder, Carl J.University of Minnesota, 2013, 114 pages; 3600960
Molecular Genetics of Beta-Lactam Sensitivity and Resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
by Wivagg, CarlHarvard University, 2012, 168 pages; 3543114
Chemical Transformations of Zero-valent Iron and Silver Nanomaterials in Natural and Model Environmental Media
by Reinsch, Brian CarlCarnegie Mellon University, 2012, 172 pages; 3520099
Determining Directly-connected Impervious Areas in Residential Land Uses
by Zimmerman, Carl LamarUniversity of Connecticut, 2012, 205 pages; 3520419
The Otha Turner Family Picnic: Occupying musical and social space in-between Saturday night and Sunday morning
by Vermilyea, Carl P., Jr.University of North Texas, 2011, 150 pages; 1504858
Kinetischer arrest in kolloidsuspensionen, ausgelöst durch packungseffekte oder attraktive wechselwirkungen
by Stilke, Carl-ChristianAlbert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg (Germany), 2011; 10733329
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An analysis of the political and moral implications of “mestizaje” for Michael Walzer's conception of community in the United States
by Trovall, Carl CurtisSouthern Methodist University, 2010, 227 pages; 3404037
A New Method of Analysing Situational Awareness in an Urban Environment
by Sneyd, CarlUniversity of Surrey (United Kingdom), 2010, 233 pages; 27727133
African-American college student attitudes toward physics and their effect on achievement
by Drake, Carl TimothyThe University of Southern Mississippi, 2009, 85 pages; 3367170
Investigations into the molecular and functional characteristics of human peptide/histidine transporter 1
by Carl, Stephen M.Purdue University, 2009, 234 pages; 3378703

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