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  Author: Carl Leban

Bad Actors
by Ward, Carl WendellOld Dominion University, 2022, 125 pages; 29169667
This publication is not available for sale at this time.
Processing and Characterization of Thermal Sprayed Layered and Graded Composites
by Schmidt, Carl PaulState University of New York at Stony Brook, 2021, 85 pages; 28540878
Predicting Spatial Variability of Mechanical Properties in Additively Manufactured Metals with Multiphysics Modeling and Machine Learning
by Herriott, Carl FrankThe University of Utah, 2020, 80 pages; 28000780
Impact of Inclusive Policies on Health and Clinical Outcomes of Noncitizen Migrants: A Systematic Review
by Okoye, Obiora CarlUniversity of Washington, 2020, 88 pages; 27740138
Traitement D'une Eau Souterraine contaminée Au Nickel Et Au Cobalt Par barrières perméables réactives Au Moyen De Briques réfractaires De magnésie-Graphite revalorisées.
by De Repentigny, CarlEcole Polytechnique, Montreal (Canada), 2019, 147 pages; 28471205
Effect of Shear Bond Strength with Novel APC™ Flash-Free Brackets and Different Bonding Protocol: An in Vitro Study
by Bernstein, CarlWest Virginia University, 2019, 69 pages; 27813895
Trauma-Informed Care: An Investigation of SEL Implementation And Integration in Michigan Schools
by Johnson, Keyetta L.||||||Magan, Ruweyda ||||||Ramos, Jodi||||||Zoolkoski, Carl V., Jr.Michigan State University, 2019, 274 pages; 27828434
Validation and Benchmarking of the Thermal Neutron Scattering Law Data Files for Neutron Moderators Using Experimental Data
by Wendorff, CarlRensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2018, 371 pages; 10982848
Untersuchung neuer methoden zur dekontamination komplexer oraler strukturen im rahmen der parodontalen regeneration
by Wirtz, Henrik CarlCharite - Universitaetsmedizin Berlin (Germany), 2018; 10949603
This publication is not available for sale at this time.
Evolution of the Coeloconic Sensilla in the Peripheral Olfactory System of Drosophila mojavensis
by Nemeth, Daniel CarlUniversity of Cincinnati, 2017, 60 pages; 27539125

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