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  Author: Bassford, Christopher

Exploring Hadron Structure through Monte-Carlo Fits and Model Calculations
by Cocuzza, ChristopherTemple University, 2023, 287 pages; 30317184
Implementation of Elder Abuse Screening and Microlearnings and its Effect on Nursing Attitudes Towards Assessment, Intervention, and Advocacy
by Sanders, ChristopherMcKendree University, 2023, 67 pages; 30423495
Characterization of Natural Anti-FVIII Antibodies and the Regulatory Role of the Gut Microbiota in FVIII Immunogenicity
by Cormier, Matthew ChristopherQueen's University (Canada), 2023, 146 pages; 30365409
Electrical Weed Control in Integrated Weed Management: Impacts on Vegetable Production, Weed Seed Germination, and Soil Microbial Communities
by Galbraith, Christopher G.Michigan State University, 2023, 86 pages; 30244484
As a Matter of Fact: Scripting Historical Fiction
by Stallings, ChristopherRegent University, 2023, 267 pages; 30633861
Synthetic Studies on Quinoline Ship Inhibitors and New Methods for C-O and C-C Bond Formations Using Trichloroacetimidates
by Russo, Christopher M.Syracuse University, 2023, 268 pages; 30525128
Meeting Challenges: How School Counselors and Social Workers Overcome Barriers to Support LGBTQ+ Students in Rural American Secondary Schools
by Ginestre, Christopher J.State University of New York at Buffalo, 2023, 107 pages; 30419101
A Qualitative Study on the Underrepresentation of People of Color as Athletic Directors in NCAA Division I Power 5 Conference Institutions
by Williams, Christopher WayneNorthcentral University, 2023, 96 pages; 30314967
Examining the Relationship of Critical Thinking Educational Efforts on Student Grade Point Average and Program Retention
by Schellen, Michael ChristopherUniversity of North Texas, 2023, 88 pages; 30753117
Environmentally Adaptive Iterative Learning for Performance Optimization of Tethered Energy Systems
by Reed, James ChristopherNorth Carolina State University, 2023, 157 pages; 30563869

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