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  Author: Bassford, Christopher

Marriage as Unifying Theme in the Early Modern Spanish Religious Drama
by Rziha, Christopher J.Baylor University, 2023, 160 pages; 30420878
Visuality and Free Verse
by Roethle, Christopher JamesUniversity of Oregon, 2023, 172 pages; 30311652
Cybersecurity Risk Effects of Starlink on Rural Populations in the United States
by Gerber, Christopher JohnCapitol Technology University, 2023, 170 pages; 30490417
Life and Love Under Criminalization: The Experiences of People Living with HIV in Canada
by Tatham, Christopher DuaneUniversity of Toronto (Canada), 2023, 210 pages; 30242517
Effects of New Clients on the Audit Quality of an Audit Partner’s Existing Portfolio
by Wertheim, ChristopherUniversity of Missouri - Columbia, 2023, 89 pages; 30484905
The Relationship Between the Disclosure of Sexual Orientation of Black Men who Sleep with Men and their Attachment Styles
by Wright-Haertel, Shawn ChristopherNorth Carolina State University, 2023, 61 pages; 30516379
Beyond a Company of Soldiers: Exploring Phenotypic Integration Across the Multivariate Human Growth and Development Phenotype
by Wolfe, Christopher AaronUniversity of Nevada, Reno, 2023, 210 pages; 30490949
Probing the Kinetic Mechanisms of Hydrocarbon Oxidation by Metal Oxide Particles Under Extreme Conditions
by Burger, Christopher MichaelPrinceton University, 2023, 113 pages; 30492252
Stochastic Latent Domain Approaches to the Recovery and Prediction of High Dimensional Missing Data
by Cannella, ChristopherDuke University, 2023, 199 pages; 30312932
Breaking the Cycle? An Exploration of Academic Matching and Rural Students' College Choice Processes
by Wolfgang, Christopher M.Temple University, 2023, 167 pages; 30248132

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