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  Author: Bassford, Christopher

Emotional Intelligence and Burnout: A Correlational Study of Primary School Teachers in Thailand
by Paschal, Adam ChristopherNorthcentral University, 2023, 143 pages; 30425177
<html><head><meta name='ValidationSchema' content=''/><title>Name Principles, and Hierarchies of Regular Cardinals Applied to Lst Numbers and Inner Model Theory
by Turner, Christopher JUniversity of Bristol (United Kingdom), 2023; 30531635
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Classification Results of Orbit Closures of Translation Surfaces
by Zhang, ChristopherUniversity of Michigan, 2023, 110 pages; 30748410
Groundwater Age and Flux Using Natural and Artificial Tracers in the Nebraska Sand Hills and Great Basin National Park
by Humphrey, Christopher EricThe University of Utah, 2023, 127 pages; 30317289
Spot, an Algorithm for Low-Resolution, Low-Contrast, Moving Object-Tracking with a Non-Stationary Camera
by Crutchfield, Christopher LeeUniversity of California, San Diego, 2023, 76 pages; 29257516
Solutions and Analysis of Multivariate Polynomial Systems for Geolocation and Initial Orbit Determination
by Ertl, Christopher AllenRensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2023, 123 pages; 30318007
Shining a Light on Hospitality Education: The Presence of Ethics
by Molinaro, Mark ChristopherNorthern Arizona University, 2023, 162 pages; 30491327
Correlation Between Funding, Socioeconomic Status, and Indicators of Academic Achievement in Suburban School Districts in Pennsylvania
by Gatto, Christopher J.Delaware Valley University, 2023, 131 pages; 30487046
Electrochemical Analysis of Redox-Active Systems for Energy Storage and Conversion Applications
by Stumme, Nathan ChristopherThe University of Iowa, 2023, 232 pages; 30425340
Mixed-Methods Study on the Role of Nigerian Teacher Self-Efficacy in Classroom Inclusiveness and Academic Outcomes of Students with Special and General Education Needs
by Obiyo, ChristopherUniversity of St. Thomas (Houston), 2023, 148 pages; 30318079

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