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"I Would Love People to Realise that I Call This My Home" : Migrant Muslim Women's Everyday Visibility, Movement and Placemaking Strategies in Northern Ireland
by Lubit, AmandaQueen's University Belfast (United Kingdom), 2023; 30473178
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Mehmed Hasan Efendi̇'ni̇n Nasâyi̇h-i̇ Sihhat Adli Eseri̇ (İnceleme-Meti̇n-Di̇zi̇n-Tipkibasim)
by Yılmazmaden, KübraMarmara Universitesi (Turkey), 2023, 366 pages; 30640942
Mecmûa-i Fünûn’a Yansıyan Tanzimat Dönemi Eğitim Anlayışı
by Kılıçoğlu, BüşraBursa Uludag University (Turkey), 2023, 90 pages; 30506862
Composition Portfolio: All the Little Spots in Its Geography, the Space We Hold, I Dreamt I Heard Them Blooming, The Forever, *~
by Friday, Miles JeffersonCornell University, 2023, 137 pages; 30425299
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Environmental Factors Shape V. fischeri-Squid Distribution and Mutualism Dynamics
by Coryell, Randy LaneNew Mexico State University, 2023, 123 pages; 30419906
“I Love It, I Love It, but Aaaah!”: A Case Study of the Emotional Experiences of Preservice
by Moss, EvanThe University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2023, 206 pages; 30490051
“I Don't Like It, but I Will Do It”: A Mixed Methods Examination of Barriers to Positive Active Learning Experiences in an Undergraduate Student Sample
by Mullinax, Hayley M.University of South Alabama, 2023, 69 pages; 30530290
'Gave His Life for the Empire': Memory, Memorials, And Identity in the British Empire After the First World War
by McClure, BryanThe University of Western Ontario (Canada), 2023, 505 pages; 30537992
“I Love the Work, but I Hate My Job”: A Critical Narrative Inquiry on Academic Bullying Among Faculty at Four-Year Institutions
by Parrish, Walter P., IIIThe University of Wisconsin - Madison, 2023, 145 pages; 30529594
“I Love My Students, but I Hate the Pimpin”: A Phenomenological Study of Umoja Coordinator Experiences in California Community Colleges
by Henderson, Jonathan EvanSan Diego State University, 2023, 225 pages; 30569208

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