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Geoarchaeological Investigation of Agricultural Terraces in Pualaulau, Hālawa Valley, Moloka‘i, Hawai‘i
by Tuitavuki, Kylie AieaUniversity of Hawai'i at Manoa, 2023, 54 pages; 30569773
I Want to Do So Much More, but I Just Do Not Know What to Do: Intermediate Teachers’ Interactions With the Outdoors in Winter
by McDonald, MichelleTrent University (Canada), 2023, 242 pages; 30634132
Essays on Public Health Policy and the Dynamics of Consumer Decision Making
by Kim, Jong YeobNew York University, 2023, 134 pages; 30315044
"I'm a Growing Boy, I Need My Food": Characterizing the Nutrition-Related Behaviors and Concerns of Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth and Young Adults
by Schier, Heather E.The Ohio State University, 2023, 586 pages; 30788425
The Processing of /ɪ/-/i/ and /ɑ/-/æ/ Contrasts in Spanish-English Bilingualism
by Garza, Elizabeth M.The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, 2023, 61 pages; 30310216
"I Wish I Was in Dixie / Away, Away": American Emigration, Cultural Negotiations, and the Confederados / "Play Free Bird!": Southern Anthems as "New Dixies" and the Perpetuation of the Lost Cause
by Baker, Shannon LeighThe College of William and Mary, 2023, 87 pages; 30566541
"Should I Stay or Should I Go?": How the State Department Decides Whether to Keep Personnel in Dangerous Places
by Sizer, LydiaFletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts University), 2023, 680 pages; 29992991
Sinteza I biološka aktivnost (−)-kleinstenolida I njegovih analoga
by Šandor, FarkašUniversity of Novi Sad (Serbia), 2023, 164 pages; 30873315
International Criminal Trials Creating a Dominate Narration of History and Overlooking Historical Blind Spots
by Masry, Hoor E.I.The American University in Cairo (Egypt), 2023, 62 pages; 30377522
Ri̇sale-i̇ Nur’da İşârî Te’vi̇l
by Cırık, AdemMarmara Universitesi (Turkey), 2023, 223 pages; 30592993

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